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Beevital Chalkbrood - 250ml bottle

Beevital Chalkbrood

Beevital Chalkbrood
Chalkbrood is a mycosis (a fungal infection) that affects honeybee larvae, mummifying the larvae and leaving it hard and white inside the cell. The mummified larvae looks like a piece of chalk, hence the name ‘Chalkbrood’. The bees often pull out the dead larvae and dispose of it, but if the chalkbrood is prolific enough it can often be too much for bees to cope with. It also restricts valuable room for the queen to lay.

The disease can sometimes appear where antibiotics have been used for other preventative treatments. Other factors are the alkalinity (the pH) of nectar or artificial food, humidity and lack of ventilation in the hive.

Beevital Chalkbrood is an organic mixture that inhibits the growth of the fungus and helps to eliminate the affected brood, encouraging the bees to remove the mummified larvae.

This treatment should be used in the spring and autumn but you can intervene at any time without tainting or damaging honey during the flow. You apply the mixture directly from the bottle between the infected brood frames, using approximately 20ml-30ml per colony. The treatment is repeated two to three times at 7-10 day intervals.

This product is best used with a ventilated floor and roof to prevent humidity. Good beekeeping husbandry is essential, so make sure you also wash and clean your equipment regularly.

To see the scientific results from using Beevital Chalkbrood, please look at this scientific study made by Dr Chorbiński from the Department of Epizootiology at the University of Wrocław, Poland. We recommend looking at the pictures at the very end, which show the effects of using Beevital Chalkbrood on "Ascosphaera apis" - the fungus responsible for causing chalkbrood.

Click here to read our article on what chalkbrood is, and how to both prevent and treat it.

Essential to keep your bees healthy.

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