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Welcome to Cornwall Honey!

Delicious Cornish honey is a tasty ingredient in home made food
We supply a large variety of high-quality beekeeping equipment, including frames, wax foundation, Sherriff suits and a range of accessories - from Jenter kits to highly effective organic treatments, including Beevital Hiveclean and Chalkbrood.

We also provide a variety of modern, cutting-edge beekeeping technologies. These include the Apimaye Thermo Hive, which has been designed to perfection for both beekeepers and bees alike. We believe these products are the future of beekeeping.

Alternatively, use our website to find out more about honey's incredible health benefits and healing properties, such as relieving hayfever symptoms. Or relax, unwind and spoil yourself with a soothing face-mask from our list of deluxe beauty treatments.

Or have fun learning about how the honey bee survives and produces honey by looking at our comprehensive educational section.

And why not find some free recipe ideas on cooking with rich, nutritional honey.

You could even look at information and tutorials on how to become a beekeeper at the Cornwall Honey Beepedia.

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