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Beekeeping Equipment

We're very sorry to inform you that no longer sells beekeeping equipment.

We have kept the store up for the sake of posterity, but it is not possible to place an order. We promise to let you know if this situation should change in the future, and are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Organic Treatments
Protective Clothing
Wax Foundation


Varroa Mesh Floor with Tray

Rapid Feeder

Queen Excluder (Wire)

National Hive Super (Self-Assembly)

Porter Bee Escapes x10

Stainless Steel Hive Tool

Queen Press in Cage

Frame-Spacers (Wide or Narrow) x10

Hive Record Sheets x10

Jenter Kit

Etna Smokers

Empire Smokers


DN1 Frames x10

Manley Frames x10

DN4 Frames x10

DN2 Frames x10

SN2 Frames x10

SN1 Frames x10

Commercial Brood Frames x10

SN4 Frames x10

Plastic Frames x11


Dadant Hive

Commercial Hive

National Hive

Langstroth Hive

Beekeeping Starter Kit

WBC Hive

Apimaye Thermo Hive

Organic Treatments

Beevital Hiveclean - 500ml Containers & 10x Varroa Sticks

Beevital Hiveclean - Varroa Control Starter Pack

Nozevit - Organic Nosema Treatment

Beevital Hiveclean - 10x Varroa Sticky Floor

Beevital Chalkbrood - 250ml Bottle

Protective Clothing

Sherriff Honey Rustler Jacket

Full Sherriff Beekeeping Suit

Sherriff Leather Gloves

Sherriff Smock/Countryman

Wax Foundation

BS (British Standard) Deep Wax Foundation (Wired) x10

Commercial Deep Wax Foundation x10

BS (British Standard) Shallow Wax Foundation (Unwired) x10

BS (British Standard) Shallow Wax Foundation (Wired) x10

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