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Learn about Bees and Beekeeping

Honey bees are incredible insects, learn about them at cornwallhoney.co.uk Welcome to Beepedia! Honeybees are amazing insects. They pollinate our flowers, which is vital for our food, economy and health. They have been kept by beekeepers for over 4000 years.

Here at the Cornwall Honey Beepedia you can find out about honey bees, beekeepers and beekeeping methods.

More information is constantly being added including new articles and videos, so do come back regularly.

You can find all of our videos online on our youtube channel.

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Please click below to explore the Cornwall Honey Beepedia and learn more about bees and beekeepers!        

Honey Bees

What are Honey Bees
How do Bees make Honey?
How is Bee's wax made?
What other things do Bees make?
Why do Bees swarm?
The Queen Bee
Worker Bees
Drone Bees
Individual Life Cycles
Workers Division of Labour
Reproduction and Development
Bee Stings


Nutritional Content


What are Beekeepers?
Beekeeping Techniques
Why do Beekeepers use a Smoker
How do Beekeepers extract the Honey
Protecting the Bees from other creatures
Monitoring the age of the Queen


How to Start Beekeeping
Beekeeping Associations
How to make a Wooden Frame (Video Tutorial)
Assembling Plastic Frames to make Cut Comb (Video Tutorial)
Managing the Varroa mite
Varroa mites and Beevital Hiveclean
Using a Jenter Kit to breed your own Queens
Artificial Swarm Control
How to make and feed bees Sugar Syrup/Fondant
Checking a Warnholz Mini Nucleus - Queen Rearing Techniques
The Apimaye Thermo Hive - The future of beekeeping?
Inside the National Hive - A Video Tour
How to use a Smoker for Beekeeping (Video Tutorial)
Dealing with Chalkbrood

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