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Nozevit - Organic Nosema Treatment

Nozevit - Organic Nosema Treatment

Nozevit is an organic treatment for Nosema and is a safe alternative to Fumidil B. Trials have shown that it promotes an increase in early brood size when used as a food supplement.

Nosema (or nosemosis) is caused by "Nosema apis" or "Nosema ceranae", a small parasite that affects the adult honey bee. It can be caused by a contaminated water supply and the faeces of infected bees. Other factors that are believed to cause the spread of the disease include infected bees robbing other colonies, bad bee husbandry, temperature fluctuations, poor pasture, disturbance and frequent relocation of colonies.

Other conditions that help the spread of the disease are the impossibility of cleansing flights (defecating) during long periods of poor or wet weather, conditions when the bees are unable to leave the hive.

Usual signs are brown runny streaks and faecal matter in the form of diarrhoea on frames or at the entrance of the hive. Otherwise only a laboratory test can confirm the correct diagnosis.

Good beekeeping husbandry is recommended; equipment should be cleaned and washed regularly to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. If left untreated the spores will continue to spread, weakening the colony until they are unable to survive.

Your Nozevit comes in a 50ml container. Simply make one litre of thin sugar syrup (1kg of sugar to 1 litre of water), and add 15 drops (3ml) of Nozevit. Alternatively, add 15ml of Nozevit into 5 litres of thin sugar syrup. Feed each colony twice, with an initial 330ml dose, and an additional and final 330ml dose provided 10 days later. Treatment should take place in the spring and autumn.

Having an organic hive is better for the long-term health of bees and humans alike. So we highly recommend this product.

Keep your bees healthy using organic treatments.

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