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Plastic Frames

Plastic Frames

Plastic Frames

These frames are in British Standard (National) deep and shallow Hoffman self-spacing style.

You can fit spacers on the ends if you wish to increase the frame gap.

Easy to assemble and best used with unwired foundation - which is ideal for making cut comb, although you can use wired as desired.

These plastic frames can be sterilised by simple boiling, therefore making cleaning for re-use much easier than for wooden frames. Plastic frames will also last longer.

You can change wax foundation on site by using a blunt knife or a hive tool to prise the frame apart, so awkward nailing is no longer required!

The long life and hard-wearing nature combined with easy cleaning for the bee's health, means that these frames are the choice of all modern, environmentally friendly beekeepers. Don't be fooled by cheaper imitations, these are the highest quality plastic frames currently available.

Please see the assembly video.

11x Deep -
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