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National Hive

National Hive

National Hive

This hive is the most popular in the UK, it is a single walled hive and is easy to handle and manipulate, adaption is also easy. You can add mesh floors, a gables roof, alighting floors and deeper roofs quickly and easily. This hive has longer lugs on the frames then the WBC, which for some people makes handling the frames easier. The hive also has less weight compared to the larger brood hives.

The complete hive comprises: a standard wood floor, a brood body, a slotted steel queen excluder, a crown/clearing board with bee escapes and a flat 4" roof. It also comes with eleven DN1 frames with spacers for the brood, and two supers, each of which has ten SN1 frames with castellated spacers and includes wax foundation.

All these hives are made from FSC sustainable Cedar, if you wish to use preservatives use an insecticide free wood preserver, you can also use Linseed Oil.

FSC Cedar, does not require treatment, you can leave it as it is although it will grey if you do not use a preservative. Cedar is ideal for the British climate as it is light, tough, aromatic and aesthetic.

National Hive - Further Information
External dimension 18 18" square
Brood body depth 8 78"
14" x 12" brood body depth 12 ½"
Super depth 5 78"
The brood area is 2,200 square inches.
Number of worker cells - 50,000
Bottom Bee Space
Frame sizes
Top Bars 17" long
Bottom bars 14" long
Deep side bars 8 ½" long
14" x 12" side bars 12" long
Shallow side bars 5 ½" long
Foundation sizes
Deep 13 716" x 8"
14" x 12" 13 716" x 11 ½"
Shallow 13 716" x 5"
How many frames in each box
11 Hoffman (self-spacing) frames in either a brood body or super. Although it is possible to fit in 12 frames, it is easier for manipulation to use 11 frames and a dummy board.
11 frames on narrow ends in the brood body
10 Manley frames in the super
9 or 10 frames on castellated spacers in the super
8 frames on wide ends in the super
For a guided tour inside the National hive, please watch our video in the Beepedia.

All hives come flat-packed.

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