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Workers Division of Labour

This table shows how labour is divided by workers according to the bees developmental stage. The activities are closely linked to the development of the bee's glands and hence a bee's level of maturity.

Age (days)


Development of Glands

0 - 6

Cell cleaning, general hive cleaning


3 - 9

Feeding the brood

Highly developed to produce brood food and royal jelly

3 - 15

Attending the Queen


6 - 18

Honey processing

Glands shrink but produce enzymes

12 - 20

Wax production & honey processing

Wax glands

15 - 25

Hive ventilation


18 - 35

Guard duty

Sting and nasanov glands for scent develop

20 - death

Nectar collection


20 - death

Pollen collection


25 - death

Water & propolis collection


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