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Treatments for the Prevention of Scarring

To reduce the visibility of scars:

When honey is exposed to air, it draws in moisture. This may help to prevent scarring by keeping skin moist and helping in the growth of new skin.

Additionally, it helps to stop dressings becoming stuck to an open wound - honey's antibacterial properties also make it ideal for this purpose.

For these reasons, honey can be used as a moisturiser and skin care product and is especially effective when used in combination with Vitamin E.

You can even get some fantastic creams that contain both honey and Vitamin E, and are great for reducing the visibility of scars and for ensuring the skin surrounding them stays soft and supple.

This information is an edited extract from the book 'Honey and its many health benefits' by Margaret Briggs. And is available for purchase from Bookmart Ltd, Blaby Road, Wigston, Leicester, LE18 1SE.

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