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How to use a Smoker for Beekeeping

As far as we're aware, adding your cigarette smoking friend to your range of beekeeping tools isn't going to help you become a better beekeeper - so luckily that's not the kind of smoker we mean!

Instead, a beekeepers smoker is a small metal furnace which you can use to lightly spray your bees with smoke - calming them, persuading them to move and preventing them from swarming. So whether you have just started beekeeping and are unsure how to use a smoker correctly, or are an experienced beekeeper wondering if you are fueling your smoker with the best materials for the bees, this video tutorial on smokers is for you.

This video tells you step-by-step how to light your smoker, how to extinguish it, and what materials are best used for burning.

Simply click on the video below to view the tutorial.

Also, if you would like some basic information on why beekeepers use smokers, then please see our Beepedia article.

How to use a Smoker for Beekeeping - A Cornwall Honey Video Tutorial

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